St. Mary Missionary Baptist from 1873 to Present

“Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.  Matthew 16:18 A Church is Born   1873 St. Mary Baptist church was organized by a group of believers in Christ.  Due to a lack of formal recordkeeping at that time, names, dates, and details were not recorded.   3   July 7, 1896 Issac Smith, Elgar Renty, G. B. Henderson, John Henry Henderson, Moses E. Thomas, Frank Bennett, and Monroe Lemon declared that they formed themselves into a corporation under the name of St. Mary Baptist Church of Bayou Sackett; who’s domicile was to be at Barry’s Landing in the parish of St. Landry, State of Louisiana for the purpose of including religion as taught by the Baptist Church to foster good morals and to carry out a system of Sunday School and to do all such general works and labor of religious character in conformity to the doctrine of the Baptist Church with a board of trustees and a congregation of members.   Reverend E. W. Renty was the Pastor.  Reverend Renty served as pastor from the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s.   October 9, 1900, E.W. Renty, Frank Bennett, Perry Curtis, and Louis Andrus continued to serve as trustees.  A bill of sale indicated a purchase price of $200.00 cash for the land from John P. Boagni to the St. Mary Baptist Church and then further indicated that the church had recently burned and was to be rebuilt, soon thereafter. Aaron Bell and Albert Eaglin served as witnesses.

In 1901 the church was rebuilt.  E. W. Renty continued to serve as Pastor.  The officers at that time included L. Andrus, J. Ross Jr., C. Doomes, E. Lemon Sr., G. Turner, M. McWilliams, and A. Andrus.  W. Weatheroy was the secretary.     It is assumed that Rev. J. S. Ross was the Pastor during the early 1930 through the early 1950.  Sister Lillian Guillory became church secretary in 1937 under the leadership of Reverend J. Ross.   Reverend Alexander reportedly served for a short period of time prior to Reverend Antoine’s pastoralship.   

In 1956 the church (wooden structure) was rebuilt under the leadership of Reverend M. Antoine.  Officers at that time included S. Turner, H.Cains, O. Doomes, C. Durio Sr., A. Durio, S. Guillory, R. Nevels, W. Weatherroy, H. Cains, and C. Durio Jr. It is assumed that Reverend M. Antoine served as pastor around mid 1950 to the early 1960’s.  Lillian Guillory continued to function as church secretary.  

In 1983, there a brick structure was built under the leadership of Reverend F. R. Green.  Officers at that time included S. Guillory, A Durio Sr., O. Doomes, E. Harris Sr., L. Sostand, L. Sylvester, A. Guillory, C. Durio, Jr., J. Rocio, Sr., R. Jackson, J. Lee, and A. Durio, Jr. It is assumed that Reverend Green served as pastor roughly from 1968-1990. Lillian Guillory continues to function as church secretary.  

The church structure built in 1983 have had minor changes made to it due to a vehicle running into the sanctuary through the front door and stopping at the altar in 2000?  Other routine maintenance and upkeep repairs have been completed due to hurricanes and aging. 

From 1990 to 2013, Reverend Wilson Doomes, Sr. served as pastor.  He has given nearly 19 tireless years of dedicated service.  Reverend Doomes served as pastor for 22+ years at St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church.  Before becoming pastor of this church, Rev. Doomes served on the Deacon Board.  He was also the lead singer of a group called the Doomes Family Gospel Singers.   This gospel group consisted of three of his brothers, one of his cousins and one of his nephews. Within the church, while serving as pastor, Rev. Doomes worked diligently to attend all church activities.   He was also actively involved with the 7th District Baptist Association.

Minister William Elmore, a servant of God, served as an Associate Minister at St. Mary Missionary Baptist for nearly 14 years.  Minister Elmore attended Seventh District Baptist Association School of Christian Education.  Minister Elmore was ordained on February 24, 2001.   Officers include Joseph Lea, Alex Durio, Jr., Larry Sostand, Troy Sostand, David Sylvester, Sr., Louis Sylvester, and Rogers Jackson.   Lillian Guillory continued to function as church secretary.   St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church has a range of ministries; Christian Education, Mission, Brotherhood, Music ministry and Prayer Service.

2013 to Present – Reverend Kyle Terrell Sylvester, Sr. serves as pastor.  In 2001, Pastor Sylvester joined the Good Hope Baptist Church (GHBC) of Lafayette, Louisiana where he was a dedicated member for 12 years. While at GHBC, he announced his calling to the gospel ministry and delivered his first sermon in April 2007. He was licensed to preach on May 16, 2010 and ordained shortly after on May 23, 2010 by the 7th District Baptist Association at the Good Hope Baptist Church. That same year, he enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary where he completed a semester of credits for the following courses: Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics, Evangelism, and Spiritual Life. While at GHBC he was a Sunday school teacher, taught several Bible study classes, and operated as the Pastor of Evangelism before being elected as pastor of the St. Mary Baptist Church.  He began his role as pastor of the St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church on December 22, 2013. Since then he has been preaching and teaching with strong conviction the uncompromising Word of God.  Officers includes Joseph Lea, Alex Durio, Jr., Larry Sostand, Anthony Sostand, Stanley Levier, Rogers Jackson, and David L. Sylvester, Sr.  Johnnie Johnson was elected church secretary in 2015.

On the early morning of March 27, 2019, the church was totally destroyed in a fire.  The rebuilding of a new church is currently in progress.